Skin Care Treatments

The Mediterranean Day Spa uses only the best skin care line. Pevonia is the only complete professional product line available on today's market which offers rich, powerful botanical ingredients derived from nature itself. Every possible allergy-causing ingredient, sensitizer and photo-sensitizer has been meticulously eliminated. It contains no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, no mineral oil or lanolin and no alchohol or paba. Enjoy the therapeutic effects of Pevonia skin care treatments.

Basic Deep Cleansing Facial

Facial includes soothing eye treatment, cleansing with, an enzyme treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells, steam, deep pore cleaning, gentle extraction, an eye mask, facial mask according to skin type, toner to balance the pH levels of your skin. This treatment includes a facial, neck and shoulder massage as well as a specialized care cream to moisturize.
Allow 60 minutes / $70

Acne/Problematic Facial Treatment

This facial serves as a dynamic agent controlling bacteria and preventing inflamation while calming and soothing irritated skin. It includes, an eye treatment, exfoliation with grapefruit oil and citric acid that emulsifies sebum and impuritites, enzyme mask, steam, gentle extraction, soothing eye gel and a face mask. Included in this treatment is a facial, neck and shoulder massage, finishing with a care cream to prevent poor clogging and black head formation.
Allow 60 minutes / $80

RS2 Rosacea Facial Treatment

Rosacea is characterized by the persistant redness and tiny white papules, especially around the cheeks, nose and chin area. An RS2 facial will help by alleviating redness, soothing, calming and healing the skin . This Includes, eye treatment, gentle cleanser with green tea and chamomile an anti-inflammatory to heal.
Gentle toning lotion, RS2 mask containing seaweed, a rose powder hard lift-off mask, ampule, eye gel that reduces puffiness and circles, care cream for soothing the skin and a face, neck and shoulder massage.
Allow 60 minutes /$75

Teen Facial

An important part of a young adult's life is to maintain healthy youthful skin. Our treatment includes cleansing, steam, gentle extraction, a facial massage, mask and care cream according to skin type.
Allow 45 minutes / $50

Specialized Facial Treatments

The Optimal Oxygenating Mask Treatment

Oxygen is a vital gas for healthy and youthful skin. This mask is a powerful tool containing alpha-hydroxy acids, sugar cane, citrus and apple. Oxygenating the surface of the skin is an activating treatment with a phenomenal visual result. For all skin types except very sensitive skin.
Allow 60 minutes / $80

Luminous "C" and "Sea Mask"

A specialized treatment that joins a high potency concentration of vitamin "C" with the latest high-tech manufacturing and formulation of pure seaweed, micro-capsulating the purest and best of vegetal oil and a squalane oil. An orange mask is applied to reduce fine lines, strengthens skin's elasticity and restore a youthful appearance. A visible, astonishing result that has no other name but, "Luminous".
Allow 60 minutes / $80

Plantomer Lift-Off Mask Facial Treatment

Experience the best from nature's abundance, a unique combination of Laminaria Digitata from the depths of Brittany's Sea and Propolis from the renowned Jura Mountains in France. Includes eye treatment, cleansing, enzyme mask to digest all impurities, sebum , dead cells, steam, gentle extraction, collagen ampoule, highly concentrated, slows down aging process, plantimer mask, facial massage, neck and shoulder massage and care cream.
Allow 60 minutes / $80

Floracide/Glycolic acid peal

This flower acid is extracted from Hibiscus flowers and organic acid. It improves skin texture and brightness, diminishing aging signs. It lightens hyper-pigmentation, prevent epidermal thickening and removes dead skin.
Allow 30 minutes / $45 (Series of Six / $250)
Face/Neck and Decollete / $80 (Series of Six / $430)

De-Stress Eye Treatment For Wrinkles

A specialized eye care treatment enriched with 100% pure Marine Collagen. Improves the micro-circulation around the eyes, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and improves lymph flow. Leaves your eye refreshed and youthful.
Allow 75 minutes/added on to any facial $25 / Eye treatment alone $35

De-Stress Eye Treatment for Puffiness

A soothing, coling, decongesting, anti-puffiness and anti-stress treatment for puffy eyes with stagnation, stress and fatigue.
Allow 75 minutes/added on to any facial $25 / Eye treatment alone $35

Youthful Lip Smoothing Treatment

This excellent treatment re-defines lip contour and smooths wrinkles and furrows. Your lips will feel velvety smooth.
Allow 75 minutes / added on to any facial $20 / lip treatment alone $25

Back Cleansing Facial

Does your back feel oily? Is it blemished? A Back Cleansing Facial is excellent to maintain a healthy clear back. Cleansing is done with Phyto-Gel, and antiseptic astringent that refines pores and tightens and hydrates the skin. Peeling cream, steam, gentle extraction, pore cleansing and a moisturizer is applied to leave your back fresh and clean.
Allow 30 minutes / $50